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The Laminated List.  The Freebie List.  The Celebrity Romp List.  Call it what you want - you know the deal!  You and your significant other each pick 5 celebrities that make you swoon.  If you ever get the opportunity to sleep with a celebrity from your list, you have full immunity - no repercussions from your partner!

It's great in theory, but what if the unthinkable were to happen?  What if you really got your chance to do the deed with the celebrity that rocks your world?  Do you really want to trust your lists to memory?  Are you sure your partner wouldn't conveniently "forget" your list?

Celebrity Romp is here to save the day!  When you finally get your lucky moment, you need the kind of protection that only Celebrity Romp can provide!  Get your FREE list in our database - we've got your back!  Then, if you feel like taking it to the next level, get it in writing as well.  That's what you get when you order the Celebrity Romp Lamitated List!  

Have more questions?  Please check out our Help/FAQ page.  Need a visual guide - click here!  It's easy, free and fun to do - so what are you waiting for?  Get Romping!

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