Q - Can I add my sister-in-law to my Romping Cart?
A - We agree - she's hot...but no, you can't add her.  You can only add public figures you would find in popular media. 

Q - Is the contract from Celebrity Romp legally binding?
A - That depends on how good your lawyer is.  But let's not test that out.  The contract is a novelty item only and probably would not carry much weight in court.

Q - I can't find a celebrity.  What should I do?
A - First, make sure you're using correct spelling.  If you're not sure, try typing in part of the name only - a part you know.  If you still can't find the celebrity you're looking for, ask us to add them to our database HERE.  We will email you once they have been added to Celebrity Romp.

Q - Can you help me get in touch with a celebrity?
A - If we had that kind of power, do you think we'd be stitting around building websites?  Sorry, can't help.

Q - Is Celebrity Romp encouraging people to cheat on their partners?
A - No way!  In fact, we're doing just the opposite, making sure that both people in the relationship know what's going on.  Cheating is when you're doing something you're not supposed to.  With a Celebrity Romp Laminated List, all parties are 100% aware of what could happen and have signed off on it.

Q - Can I put a younger version of a celebrity on my list - like Robert Redford in his 30's?
A - Unless you have a DeLorean and are capable of producing 1.21 jigawatts of electricity, thus going back in time, no.  We live in the present.



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